Axe Throwing - The Pillager

Embrace your inner Viking in our most boastful lane. Seated right next to the entry way and the bar you will have easy access to show off your impressive throwing skills to all who enter the realm! Be prepared to have brightly lit lanes and easy to hit targets! The “Pillagers” cage is built for those proud few who want to show off that inner Viking or Shieldmaiden that has been hiding within! Our new Viking style axes will fill you with that Berserker spirit of old and make the bullseye that much easier for you. We just have one question..Are you VIKING ENOUGH?

Book the EXCLUSIVE CAGE option in the drop down to get the best deal ($200/hr) for a large group, or just to get the whole cage to yourself and your coach. Also, when you book EXCLUSIVE CAGE, even though it says 8 people, you can have up to 10, but not more than 10.

Not that brave? Or want to meet new friends? Use the SINGLE PURCHASE option for as many people as there are in your group!