Private Cage - Regular Hours

The only way to GUARANTEE a private cage for your group! No need to select number of guests, it will automatically say "12". This is a control function so we don't overbook your cage!

ALL CAGE FEES MUST BE PAID IN ONE TICKET. If the ticket has to be split at the end of your experience, the charge will default to the SINGLE rate. DEPOSIT REQUIRED for booking - $50/cage plus tax.

If you have a smaller group without purchasing the Exclusive Cage you will be paired up with other groups, pending availability. Your group will have an axe-pert with you guiding you through everything from safety, throwing form and games.

If you would like to purchase multiple "Private Cages" for larger groups, Add to Cart then Add to Cart again! If you would like to purchase multiple time slots, Add to Cart, then pick the next time slot and Add to Cart again!

If you do not want to pay the Private Cage price for a smaller group, please visit

Small Group Booking page