We are honored to be a part of the World Axe Throwing League, this organization is the world leader in monitoring and maintaining the competitive sport of Urban axe throwing. We conform to their seasons for individual league play. This means that we have four seasons for you to participate in during the year, including a championship season!


Individual league

Individual league play is $180/player for the season. League play consists of 7 weeks of competition and one week of play offs, totaling in an 8 week season. We meet every Thursday night during each season. You are allowed to miss two nights per season, but all sessions must be made up before the final week play off. Each player will throw 40 times a night. ( 10 throws against each opponent) Scores will be totaled and entered into a database. The first place winner of each season will receive a trophy and a gift card that can be used here or at JJ's Wine, Spirits & Cigars. Second and third place receive gift cards to JJ's Wine, Spirits & Cigars as well!

Team League

Team league is something that is unique to JJ's Axes and Ales. Our team league costs $200/team and goes for 1 month. Teams of 2-4 will compete in a bags/cornhole style of competition. Each player will throw two times against an opposing team player. After each throw team scores will cancel out. The first team to hit exactly 51 will win. If score goes over 51 team "busts" and their score reverts to 41 points. the blue dots known as "kill-shots" are active and worth 10 points. More details will be provided upon signing up. First place team at the end of the season will receive a $250 credit for throwing or a bar tab at 3.0 Cocktail bar.

Any further questions email Dylan@jjsaxes.com

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